Whole slide imaging (WSI), refers to HD scanning of the conventional glass slides in order to produce digital slides, is the most recent imaging technology adopted by the Pathology departments worldwide. It serves its significance for empowering diagnostics, educational and research purposes.

The WittyViz™ system able to quickly captures high resolution digital image of the entire slide and adding efficiency by annotation, storage, retrieval, analysis, cross consultation and other sharing via a secure portal where you would need not worry of the storing of your patient’s confidential data.

How to scan a Slide?  

Simply attach the Microvisioneer camera to your microscope, align it, press start and simply move around your specimen. The image is automatically extended as you go in real time and fast! Save Time. Save Money. Same Images.

Sample Kidney Slide (Full Scan)

Sample Kidney Slide (First Zoom In)

Sample Kidney Slide (Second Zoom In)

Sample Kidney Slide (Third Zoom In)


The current watches available out there is disintegrated. With the technological advancement moving towards integrating multiple specialities to produce an intelligent output for easy diagnosis, better understanding and quicker decision making, WittyViz™ provides you with a solution of appreciating these images in a single view.

  • 3D Visualization of human body
  • Visualize different organs at different layer visibility such as skin, muscle, bones and metal
  • Side by side viewing of the Digitized Histology and Pathology of normal and diseased organs/tissues
  • Functions such as annotation, measurements which provides additional value in diagnosis

WittyVizPackage include:

  • Clinical Microscope
  • Industrial Camera
  • Camera Adapter
  • HD Notebook
  • High-End Desktop
  • Whole Slide Scanning Software
  • WittyVIz™ License Software